X Rays and Atomic Number MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

X rays and atomic number MCQs, x rays and atomic number quiz with answers for online learning chemistry courses. Learn atomic structure multiple choice questions (MCQs), x rays and atomic number quiz questions and answers. Career test on quantum numbers, what is spectrum, discovery of proton, properties of positive rays, discovery of electron, x rays and atomic number test prep for online general chemistry courses distance learning.

Learn atomic structure practice test MCQs: moseley law helped us to discover, to learn chemistry degree with options pr, tc, potassium, sodium for online associates degree. Free skills assessment test for online learning x rays and atomic number quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on X Rays and Atomic NumberQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Moseley law helped us to discover

  1. Pr
  2. Tc
  3. potassium
  4. sodium


MCQ: Moseley performed his studies on X Rays in

  1. 1980-1986
  2. 1913-1915
  3. 1920-1980
  4. 1987-1989


MCQ: Window through which X Rays move in experiment is made up of

  1. platinum
  2. iron
  3. steel
  4. aluminum


MCQ: X rays produced by each metal are

  1. same
  2. characteristic
  3. not produced
  4. distorted


MCQ: Physical and chemical properties of elements are affected by

  1. atomic number
  2. atomic masses
  3. neutrons
  4. protons