Solvent Extraction MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn solvent extraction MCQs, chemistry test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Experimental techniques quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), solvent extraction quiz questions and answers, crystallization, filter paper filtration, solvent extraction tutorials for online fundamentals of chemistry courses distance learning.

College chemistry practice test MCQ: most common example of extraction is with help of with choices ether, alcohol, benzene and chloroform with online global exams' preparation for international tests like SAT practice test for good SAT scores. Free study guide is for online learning solvent extraction quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Solvent Extraction Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Most common example of extraction is with help of

  1. Ether
  2. alcohol
  3. benzene
  4. chloroform


MCQ. Distribution coefficient is represented by

  1. K
  2. S
  3. H
  4. G


MCQ. Colour appear ed after extraction of iodine is

  1. brown
  2. pink
  3. purple
  4. blue


MCQ. Solvent extraction is more good if repeated extractions are done using

  1. Large solvent
  2. small solvent
  3. extra solvent
  4. normal solvent


MCQ. Ether layer is used to separate

  1. fibres
  2. inorganic impurities
  3. organic impurities
  4. gases