Liquid Crystals Quiz Questions and Answers 158 PDF Download

Learn liquid crystals quiz, online chemistry test 158 for distance learning, online courses. Free chemistry MCQs questions and answers to learn liquid crystals MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on liquid crystals with answers, dynamic equilibrium, boiling points, electron radius and energy derivation, what is spectrum, liquid crystals test for online chemistry topics courses distance learning.

Free liquid crystals online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in normal liquids, molecules are arranged with choices randomly, in order, in pattern and hexagonally with chapters' questions, research titles and topic wise online trivia quizzes for exam prep, study liquids & solids multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Liquid Crystals Worksheet 158 Quiz PDF Download

Liquid Crystals Quiz

MCQ. In normal liquids, molecules are arranged

  1. randomly
  2. in order
  3. in pattern
  4. hexagonally


What is Spectrum Quiz

MCQ. Spectrum of light in addition to visible light has

  1. six regions
  2. five regions
  3. seven regions
  4. eight regions


Electron Radius & Energy Derivation Quiz

MCQ. Value of radius 4.75 angstrom is for

  1. 2nd orbit of hydrogen
  2. 3rd orbit of hydrogen
  3. 5th orbit of hydrogen
  4. 6th orbit of hydrogen


Boiling Points Quiz

MCQ. When boiling point is achieved heat is used to break

  1. intermolecular forces
  2. pressure
  3. volume
  4. density


Dynamic Equilibrium Quiz

MCQ. Dynamic equilibrium is important for

  1. reversible reactions
  2. irreversible reactions
  3. spontaneous reaction
  4. non spontaneous reaction