Properties of Crystalline Solids Quiz Questions and Answers 132 PDF Book Download

Properties of crystalline solids quiz, properties of crystalline solids MCQs with answers, college chemistry quiz 132 for online chemistry courses. College and university degree MCQs on liquids and solids quiz questions and answers, properties of crystalline solids multiple choice questions to practice chemistry test with answers. Learn properties of crystalline solids MCQs, career aptitude test on vapor pressure, ideal gas density, properties of crystalline solids test prep for online chemical equations courses distance learning.

Practice properties of crystalline solids career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): allotropy is existence in more than one crystalline forms, is property of, to learn chemistry degree with options compound, element of symmetry, mixture, gases for accredited online colleges. Learn liquids and solids questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test.

Quiz on Properties of Crystalline Solids Worksheet 132Quiz Book Download

Properties of Crystalline Solids Quiz

MCQ: Allotropy is existence in more than one crystalline forms, is property of

  1. compound
  2. element of symmetry
  3. mixture
  4. gases


Properties of Crystalline Solids Quiz

MCQ: Zinc sulphate usually forms isomorph with

  1. nickel sulphate
  2. sodium nitrite
  3. sugar
  4. salt


Ideal Gas Density Quiz

MCQ: Density is calculated by substituting value of n (number of moles) as

  1. m/M
  2. P/M
  3. D/M
  4. V/M


Vapor Pressure Quiz

MCQ: To release entrapped air in liquid in manometric method liquid is

  1. freezed
  2. melted
  3. boiled
  4. condensed


Bohr's Model Quiz

MCQ: Angular momentum is represented by

  1. mcs
  2. mvr
  3. mv
  4. mr