Bohrs Atomic Model Defects Quiz Questions and Answers 109 PDF Download

Learn bohrs atomic model defects quiz online, chemistry test 109 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free bohrs atomic model defects MCQs questions and answers to learn chemistry quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on bohrs atomic model defects test with answers, gas properties, cubic close packing, london dispersion forces, van der waals equation, bohrs atomic model defects practice test for online chemistry tutor courses distance learning.

Free online bohrs atomic model defects course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: bohr theory was not able to explain with choices monoelectron systems, li ions, multielectron systems and hydrogen atom with online global exams' preparation for international tests like MCAT practice test for good MCAT scores, study atomic structure multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Bohrs Atomic Model Defects Worksheet 109 Quiz PDF Download

Bohrs Atomic Model Defects Quiz

MCQ: Bohr theory was not able to explain

  1. monoelectron systems
  2. Li ions
  3. multielectron systems
  4. hydrogen atom


Van Der Waals Equation Quiz

MCQ: Excluded volume is greater than actual volume of gases about

  1. five times
  2. four times
  3. six times
  4. seven times


London Dispersion Forces Quiz

MCQ: Temperature in degree centigrade at which Fluorine boils is

  1. −188.1
  2. 186
  3. 189
  4. −200


Cubic Close Packing Quiz

MCQ: ABC ABC arrangement is actually

  1. cubic open packing
  2. cubic close packing
  3. hexagonal open packing
  4. hexagonal closed packing


Gas Properties Quiz

MCQ: Shape of gases is

  1. definite
  2. indefinite
  3. circle
  4. square