Electronegativity Periodic Table Quiz Questions and Answers 105 PDF Download

Learn electronegativity periodic table quiz online, chemistry test 105 for distance learning, online courses. Free chemical bonding: chemistry quiz, electronegativity periodic table quiz questions and answers to learn chemistry MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on electronegativity periodic table MCQs with answers, classification of solids, ideal gas constant, what is spectrum, quantum theory, electronegativity periodic table practice test for online university chemistry courses distance learning.

Free online electronegativity periodic table course worksheet has multiple choice question: electro negativity is related to ionization energy of element and with options dipole moment, proton moment, electron moment and neutron moment for online fresh graduate jobs, internship important interview questions and answers with topics and subtopics, study chemical bonding: chemistry multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Electronegativity Periodic Table Worksheet 105 Quiz PDF Download

Electronegativity Periodic Table Quiz

MCQ: Electro negativity is related to ionization energy of element and

  1. dipole moment
  2. proton moment
  3. electron moment
  4. neutron moment


Quantum Theory Quiz

MCQ: Energy is absorbed by body in form of

  1. photons
  2. quantas
  3. waves
  4. energy


What is Spectrum Quiz

MCQ: Colors of spectrum merge in

  1. line spectrum
  2. continuous spectrum
  3. hydrogen spectrum
  4. nitrogen spectrum


Ideal Gas Constant Quiz

MCQ: One meter cube is equal to

  1. 100 dm cube
  2. 1000 dm cube
  3. 10 dm cube
  4. 50 dm cube


Classification of Solids Quiz

MCQ: At normal temperature ionic solids show existence as

  1. liquids
  2. solids
  3. gases
  4. plasma