Molecular Solids MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Molecular solids MCQs, molecular solids quiz answers to learn chemistry courses online. Liquids and solids multiple choice questions (MCQs), molecular solids quiz questions and answers for bachelor of science degree. Types of solids, crystal lattice, properties of crystalline solids, boiling points, boiling point and external pressure, molecular solids test prep for medical laboratory technician certification.

Learn liquids and solids test MCQs: melting points of covalent molecular solids is, with choices high, low, moderate, and defined for bachelor of science degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning molecular solids quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Molecular SolidsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Melting points of covalent molecular solids is

  1. high
  2. low
  3. moderate
  4. defined


MCQ: Molecular solids consist of

  1. polar part
  2. non polar part
  3. both polar and non polar parts
  4. neutral parts


MCQ: Crystals of phosphorus and carbon dioxide are

  1. non polar molecular solids
  2. polar molecular solids
  3. neutral solids
  4. ionic solids


MCQ: Ice is an example of

  1. non polar molecular solid
  2. polar molecular solid
  3. neutral molecular solid
  4. polar and non-polar molecular solid


MCQ: Along with dipole forces another force present in molecular solids is

  1. London dispersion force
  2. van der Wal forces
  3. ionic forces
  4. covalent forces