Hydrogen Bonding MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Hydrogen bonding MCQs, hydrogen bonding quiz answers to learn chemistry courses online. Liquids and solids multiple choice questions (MCQs), hydrogen bonding quiz questions and answers for bachelor of science degree. Learn types of solids, crystal lattice, properties of crystalline solids, boiling points, boiling point and external pressure, hydrogen bonding test prep for medical laboratory scientist certification.

Learn liquids and solids test MCQs: atom which must be present in hydrogen bonding is, with choices hydrogen, sodium, calcium, and sulphur for bachelor of science degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning hydrogen bonding quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Hydrogen BondingQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Atom which must be present in hydrogen bonding is

  1. hydrogen
  2. sodium
  3. calcium
  4. Sulphur


MCQ: Covalent bond is stronger than Hydrogen bonding about

  1. thirty times
  2. sixty times
  3. twenty times
  4. seventy times


MCQ: Number of lone pair of electrons occupied by oxygen are

  1. three
  2. four times
  3. five
  4. two


MCQ: Example of compound having hydrogen bonding is

  1. Chlorine gas
  2. neon
  3. sodium chloride
  4. water


MCQ: Force of attraction which is stronger than dipole dipole forces is

  1. London dispersion forces
  2. Hydrogen bonding
  3. Van der Waal forces
  4. inter molecular force