Grahams Law of Diffusion MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Grahams law of diffusion multiple choice questions, learn online college chemistry test prep for college degrees online courses. Learn gases multiple choice questions (MCQs), grahams law of diffusion quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on pressure units, liquefaction of gases, van der waals equation, kinetic molecular theory of gases aptitude test for online learn chemistry courses distance learning.

Practice gases aptitude test MCQs: in experimental demonstration of graham's law fumes produced are, for free online college courses with options dense white, black, brown, purple for online teaching degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning grahams law of diffusion quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQ on Grahams Law of DiffusionQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Density of a gas is directly proportional to

  1. molar mass
  2. pressure
  3. temperature
  4. rate of diffusion


MCQ: In experimental demonstration of graham's law fumes produced are

  1. dense white
  2. black
  3. brown
  4. purple


MCQ: Size of tube taken in case of experimental description of Graham's law is

  1. 300cm
  2. 100cm
  3. 150cm
  4. 200cm


MCQ: Graham law was discovered by

  1. Peter Graham
  2. David graham
  3. Thomas Graham
  4. Dalton Graham


MCQ: In demonstration of Graham's law, fumes are produced at point of

  1. junction of gases
  2. where pressure is high
  3. where area is greater
  4. at end of tube