Crystals and Classification MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn crystals and classification MCQs, chemistry test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Liquids and solids quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), crystals and classification quiz questions and answers, properties of crystalline solids, classification of solids, vapor pressure, crystals and classification tutorials for online college of chemistry courses distance learning.

College chemistry practice test MCQ: usual shape in which potassium chromate grows is with choices cubic, rhombohedra, triclinic and trigonal for online viva voce, competitive exams' preparation and online distance educational learning. Free study guide is for online learning crystals and classification quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Crystals and Classification Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Usual shape in which potassium chromate grows is

  1. cubic
  2. rhombohedra
  3. triclinic
  4. trigonal


MCQ: Angle in cubic system between edges is

  1. 90 degree
  2. 60 degree Celsius
  3. 57 degree
  4. 40 degree


MCQ: Another name for rhombohedral system is

  1. trigonal system
  2. monoclinic system
  3. rhombic system
  4. hexagonal system


MCQ: Usual habit of crystals of ice is

  1. cubic
  2. monoclinic
  3. hexagonal
  4. rhombic


MCQ: Barium sulphate forms

  1. rhombic crystals
  2. cubic crystals
  3. monoclinic crystals
  4. hexagonal crystals