Covalent Solids MCQs Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

Covalent solids multiple choice questions (MCQs), covalent solids quiz answers to learn chemistry online courses. Liquids and solids MCQs, covalent solids quiz questions and answers for top environmental chemistry graduate programs. Learn classification of solids, crystals and classification, types of solids, crystal lattice, covalent solids test prep for medical laboratory scientist certification.

Learn liquids and solids test MCQs: example of giant molecule having covalent bond is, with choices aluminium nitride, graphite, boron nitride, and cadmium iodide for top environmental chemistry graduate programs. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning covalent solids quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Covalent SolidsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Example of giant molecule having covalent bond is

  1. aluminium nitride
  2. graphite
  3. boron nitride
  4. cadmium iodide


MCQ: Another name for covalent solids is

  1. molecular solids
  2. atomic solids
  3. element solids
  4. compound solids


MCQ: Atoms forming covalent bonds in layers are

  1. cadmium iodide
  2. aluminum nitride
  3. diamond
  4. silicon carbide


MCQ: Separate layers of covalent bonds are present in

  1. boron carbide
  2. graphite
  3. cadmium sulphide
  4. aluminium nitride


MCQ: Silicon carbide is a giant molecule having

  1. covalent bond
  2. ionic bond
  3. molecular bond
  4. Van der Waal bond