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Charles law MCQs, charles law quiz with answers for online learning chemistry courses. Learn gases multiple choice questions (MCQs), charles law quiz questions and answers. Career test on liquids properties, van der waals equation, plasma state, liquefaction of gases, ideal gas constant, charles law test prep for online organic chemistry tutor courses distance learning.

Learn gases practice test MCQs: in defining charle's law quantity which remains constant is, to learn chemistry degree with options volume, pressure, temperature, forces for online college degrees. Free skills assessment test for online learning charles law quiz questions for competitive assessment in chemistry major.

MCQ on Charles LawQuiz Book Download

MCQ: In defining Charle's law quantity which remains constant is

  1. volume
  2. pressure
  3. temperature
  4. forces


MCQ: In defining Charle's law volume is directly proportional to

  1. temperature
  2. pressure
  3. moles
  4. atoms


MCQ: Charle's law defines value of 'k' as

  1. V/n
  2. V/V
  3. V/P
  4. V/T


MCQ: Charle's law was given by

  1. Dutch scientist
  2. French scientist
  3. Polish scientist
  4. American scientist


MCQ: Between temperature and volume of gas Charle's law determines

  1. qualitative relationship
  2. quantitative relationship
  3. non-polar relationship
  4. correlation