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Statistical techniques multiple choice questions (MCQs), statistical techniques test prep for online learning with MBA degree certificate eCourses. Learn introduction to statistics multiple choice questions (MCQs), statistical techniques quiz questions and answers. Career test on types of statistical methods, statistical analysis methods, data types in stats, sources of data, statistical techniques test for online statistical data courses distance learning.

Learn introduction to statistics practice test MCQs: branch of statistics which considers ratio scale and interval scale is considered as, for free online courses with options parametric statistics, non-parametric statistics, distribution statistics, sampling statistics for bachelors in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online statistical techniques quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors to prepare entrance exam for admission in MBA program.

MCQ on Statistical TechniquesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Analysis of labor turnover rates, performance appraisal, training programs and planning of incentives are examples of role of

  1. statistics in personnel management
  2. statistics in finance
  3. statistics in marketing
  4. statistics in production


MCQ: Branch of statistics which considers ratio scale and interval scale is considered as

  1. parametric statistics
  2. non-parametric statistics
  3. distribution statistics
  4. sampling statistics


MCQ: Process of converting inputs into outputs in presence of repeatedly same conditions is classified as

  1. sampler
  2. parameters
  3. process
  4. mixer


MCQ: Branch of statistics in which data is collected according to ordinal scale or nominal scale is classified as

  1. distribution statistics
  2. sampling statistics
  3. parametric statistics
  4. non-parametric statistics


MCQ: Time frame to complete a transaction in bank is classified as

  1. parameters
  2. process
  3. mixer
  4. sampler