Squared Deviation MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Squared deviation multiple choice questions (MCQs), squared deviation test prep for online learning with MBA degree certificate eCourses. Learn measures of dispersion multiple choice questions (MCQs), squared deviation quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on relationship: measures of deviation, classification: measures of dispersion, squared deviation, mean absolute deviation, interquartile range of deviation aptitude test for online types of quantitative analysis courses distance learning.

Practice measures of dispersion aptitude test MCQs: mean of squared deviations which is calculated from arithmetic mean is called, for free online courses with options mean square average, standard square average, population average, sample square average for bachelors in business administration. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning squared deviation quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers to prepare admission test for admission in 1 year MBA program.

MCQ on Squared DeviationQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Sum of all squared deviations is divided by total number of observations to calculate

  1. population deviation
  2. population variance
  3. sample deviation
  4. sample variance


MCQ: Mean of squared deviations which is calculated from arithmetic mean is called

  1. mean square average
  2. standard square average
  3. population average
  4. sample square average


MCQ: Sum of squared deviation of sample mean is 48 and total number of observation is 13 then population variance is

  1. 61
  2. 48
  3. 13
  4. 4