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Sampling techniques MCQs, sampling techniques quiz answers to learn business analytics courses online. Sampling distributions multiple choice questions (MCQs), sampling techniques quiz questions and answers for online bachelor degree. Cluster sampling, population parameters and sample statistic, sampling distribution in statistics, standard errors in statistics, sampling techniques test prep for business analyst certifications.

Learn sampling distributions test MCQs: cluster sampling, stratified sampling and systematic sampling are types of, with choices direct sampling, indirect sampling, random sampling, and non random sampling for online bachelor degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning sampling techniques quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for business administration certifications.

MCQ on Sampling TechniquesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Cluster sampling, stratified sampling and systematic sampling are types of

  1. direct sampling
  2. indirect sampling
  3. random sampling
  4. non random sampling


MCQ: Listing of elements in population with identifiable number is classified as

  1. regularity experimental frame
  2. indirect experiment frame
  3. direct experimental frame
  4. frame for experiment


MCQ: Type of sampling In which each element of population has equally likely chance of occurrence in a random sample is classified as

  1. regular and irregular sampling
  2. error free sampling
  3. inertia sampling
  4. simple random sampling


MCQ: Quota sampling, judgment sampling and convenience sampling are classified as types of

  1. random sampling
  2. non random sampling
  3. direct sampling
  4. indirect sampling