Central Tendency Measures Quiz Questions and Answers 90 PDF Download

Central tendency measures quiz questions and answers, central tendency measures online learning, MBA business statistics test prep 90 for distance education eCourses. Undergraduate degree and master's degree eCourses MCQs on measures of central tendency quiz, central tendency measures multiple choice questions to practice statistics quiz with answers. Learn central tendency measures MCQs, career aptitude test on hyper geometric distribution, rules of probability and algebra, binomial probability distribution, central tendency measures test for online probability and statistics courses distance learning.

Practice central tendency measures career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): σxwis divided by σwis used to calculate, for e-learning degree certificate with options weighted arithmetic mean, paired arithmetic mean, non-paired arithmetic mean, square of arithmetic mean for online colleges for business degree. Learn measures of central tendency questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for online GMAT test for GMAT exam preparation.

Quiz on Central Tendency Measures Worksheet 90Quiz PDF Download

Central Tendency Measures Quiz

MCQ: Σxwis divided by Σwis used to calculate

  1. weighted arithmetic mean
  2. paired arithmetic mean
  3. non-paired arithmetic mean
  4. square of arithmetic mean


Binomial Probability Distribution Quiz

MCQ: Variance of binomial probability distribution is larger in value if

  1. q is greater than 0.5
  2. p and q are equal
  3. p and q are greater than 0.5
  4. p is greater than 0.5


Central Tendency Measures Quiz

MCQ: Product A has per unit contribution of 6 with sold quantity of 120 units, product B has per unit contribution of 8 with sold quantity of 100 units and product C has per unit contribution of 10 with sold quantity of 130 units then weighted average mean is

  1. $7.06
  2. $8.06
  3. $9.06
  4. $10.06


Rules of Probability & Algebra Quiz

MCQ: If a luggage bag contains two types of shirts, 40 percent are dress shirts, 45 percent are T-shirts and 30 percent are blue jeans then probability of selecting a dress shirt in random sample is

  1. 0.47
  2. 0.4
  3. 0.35
  4. 0.3


Hyper Geometric Distribution Quiz

MCQ: If random samples are drawn without replacement and population from which samples are drawn is infinite then method which is not applicable is

  1. weighted error probability distribution
  2. hyper geometric probability distribution
  3. Bernoulli probability distribution
  4. asymmetrical random distribution