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Empirical values quiz, empirical values MCQs with answers, MBA business statistics quiz 69 for online business analytics courses. College and university degree MCQs, measures of dispersion quiz questions and answers, empirical values multiple choice questions to practice statistics test with answers. Learn empirical values MCQs, career aptitude test on comparison: measures of central tendency, introduction of estimation, confidence interval estimation, empirical values test prep for online types of measurement courses distance learning.

Practice empirical values career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): shape of frequency distribution constructed in consideration of empirical rule is classified as, to learn business analyst degree with options bell shaped, tower shape, wing shape, fish shape for online college business degree. Learn measures of dispersion questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for colleges and universities' entrance exam preparation.

Quiz on Empirical Values Worksheet 69Quiz Book Download

Empirical Values Quiz

MCQ: Shape of frequency distribution constructed in consideration of empirical rule is classified as

  1. bell shaped
  2. tower shape
  3. wing shape
  4. fish shape


Confidence Interval Estimation Quiz

MCQ: In confidence interval estimation, confidence efficient is denoted by

  1. 1 + β
  2. 1 - β
  3. 1 - α
  4. 1 + α


Introduction of Estimation Quiz

MCQ: Considering sample size, sampling distribution standard error decreases when the

  1. size of sample increases
  2. size of sample decreases
  3. margin of error increases
  4. margin of error decreases


Comparison: Measures of Central Tendency Quiz

MCQ: At a grocery store, number of per day sold processed fruits cans in 15 days are 50, 70, 60, 40, 30, 20, 5, 150, 55, 75, 65, 45, 35, 25, 52 then outliers in observations are

  1. 50, 150
  2. 5, 150
  3. 25, 70
  4. 150


Normal Distribution Quiz

MCQ: Considering normal distribution, spread is increased and height of curve is decreased for the

  1. smaller value of variance
  2. larger value of variance
  3. larger value of standard deviation
  4. smaller value of standard deviation