Standard Normal Probability Distribution Quiz Questions and Answers 60 PDF Download

Learn standard normal probability distribution quiz online, business statistics test 60 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free standard normal probability distribution MCQs questions and answers to learn statistics quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on standard normal probability distribution test with answers, rules of probability and algebra, introduction of estimation, data classification, types of events, standard normal probability distribution practice test for online qualitative vs quantitative data courses distance learning.

Free online standard normal probability distribution course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: in standard normal probability distribution, z-score of distribution will be zero if with options x < μ, x > μ, x = μ and all of above for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers, study probability distributions multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for masters degree's entrance exam preparation.

Quiz on Standard Normal Probability Distribution Worksheet 60 Quiz PDF Download

Standard Normal Probability Distribution Quiz

MCQ: In standard normal probability distribution, z-score of distribution will be zero if

  1. x < μ
  2. x > μ
  3. x = μ
  4. all of above


Types of Events Quiz

MCQ: Occurrence of two events in a way that events have some connection in between is classified as

  1. compound events
  2. mutual events
  3. connected events
  4. interlinked events


Data Classification Quiz

MCQ: Smallest numerical value is subtracted from largest numerical value and then divided to number of class desired to calculate

  1. simple class interval
  2. width of class interval
  3. number of classes
  4. manifold class intervals


Introduction of Estimation Quiz

MCQ: To develop interval estimate of any parameter of population, value which is added or subtracted from point estimate is classified as

  1. margin of efficiency
  2. margin of consistency
  3. margin of biasedness
  4. margin of error


Rules of Probability & Algebra Quiz

MCQ: If a bag contains three fruits, 16 percent are apples, 30 percent are oranges and 20 percent some other fruit that is neither oranges nor apples then probability of selecting an orange randomly is

  1. 0.3
  2. 0.45
  3. 0.65
  4. 0.034