Mean Absolute Deviation Quiz Questions and Answers 19 PDF Download

Mean absolute deviation quiz questions, learn online MBA business statistics test prep 19 for distance learning online MBA programs. College and university courses MCQs on measures of dispersion quiz, mean absolute deviation multiple choice questions and answers to practice statistics quiz with answers. Learn mean absolute deviation MCQs, career aptitude test on variance and standard deviation, sources of data, percentiles, distance measures, mean absolute deviation practice test for online types of data in statistics courses distance learning.

Practice mean absolute deviation career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): mean absolute deviation is divided by coefficient of mean absolute deviation to calculate, for online MBA programs with options variance, median, arithmetic mean, coefficient of variation for online schools for business administration. Learn measures of dispersion questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test with ePortal education technology for e-learning distance education.

Quiz on Mean Absolute Deviation Worksheet 19Quiz PDF Download

Mean Absolute Deviation Quiz

MCQ: Mean absolute deviation is divided by coefficient of mean absolute deviation to calculate

  1. variance
  2. median
  3. arithmetic mean
  4. coefficient of variation


Distance Measures Quiz

MCQ: Difference between highest and lowest observation is 20 and coefficient of range is 0.077 then sum of highest and lowest value is

  1. 210
  2. 220
  3. 260
  4. 240


Percentiles Quiz

MCQ: Quartiles, median, percentiles and deciles are measures of central tendency classified as

  1. paired average
  2. deviation averages
  3. positioned averages
  4. central averages


Sources of Data Quiz

MCQ: Government and non-government publications are considered as

  1. external secondary data sources
  2. internal secondary data sources
  3. external primary data sources
  4. internal primary data sources


Variance & Standard Deviation Quiz

MCQ: In manufacturing company, number of employees in unit A is 40, mean is USD $6400 and number of employees in unit B is 30 with mean of Rs. 5500 then combined arithmetic mean is

  1. 9500
  2. 8000
  3. 7014.29
  4. 6014.29