Arithmetic Mean Quiz Questions and Answers 114 PDF Download

Learn arithmetic mean quiz online, business statistics test 114 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free arithmetic mean MCQs questions and answers to learn statistics quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on arithmetic mean test with answers, sampling techniques, kurtosis in business statistics, data classification, sampling distribution in statistics, arithmetic mean practice test for online basic statistics courses distance learning.

Free online arithmetic mean course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: arithmetic mean is multiplied to coefficient of mean absolute deviation to calculate the with choices absolute mean deviation , absolute median deviation , relative mean deviation and relative median deviation for online certification exams, competitive tests for national and international scholarships for students, study measures of dispersion multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Arithmetic Mean Worksheet 114 Quiz PDF Download

Arithmetic Mean Quiz

MCQ: Arithmetic mean is multiplied to coefficient of mean absolute deviation to calculate the

  1. absolute mean deviation
  2. absolute median deviation
  3. relative mean deviation
  4. relative median deviation


Sampling Distribution in Statistics Quiz

MCQ: If value of p is 0.70 and sample size is 28 then value of standard deviation of sample proportion is

  1. 0.097
  2. 0.067
  3. 0.087
  4. 0.077


Data Classification Quiz

MCQ: Second step in constructing frequency distribution is to

  1. determine class limits
  2. determine midpoints of classes
  3. select appropriate class intervals
  4. determine width of class intervals


Kurtosis in Business Statistics Quiz

MCQ: In kurtosis, frequency curve which looks more peaked than normal curve of bell shaped distribution is classified as

  1. mega curve
  2. mesokurtic
  3. leptokurtic
  4. platykurtic


Sampling Techniques Quiz

MCQ: Quota sampling, judgment sampling and convenience sampling are classified as types of

  1. random sampling
  2. non random sampling
  3. direct sampling
  4. indirect sampling