Stratified Sampling Quiz Questions and Answers 109 PDF Download

Learn stratified sampling quiz online, business statistics test 109 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free sampling distributions quiz, stratified sampling multiple choice questions and answers to learn statistics quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on stratified sampling test with answers, standard errors in statistics, relative frequency, cluster sampling, rectangular distribution, stratified sampling practice test for online statistical classification courses distance learning.

Free online stratified sampling course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: procedure in which number of elements in stratum are not in proportional to number of elements in population is classified as with options indirect strata procedure, direct strata procedure, non proportional procedure and proportional procedure for online competitive exams, certifications tests for financial aids, scholarships contests in universities, study sampling distributions multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for IT business analyst job's exam and interview preparation.

Quiz on Stratified Sampling Worksheet 109 Quiz PDF Download

Stratified Sampling Quiz

MCQ: Procedure in which number of elements in stratum are not in proportional to number of elements in population is classified as

  1. indirect strata procedure
  2. direct strata procedure
  3. non proportional procedure
  4. proportional procedure


Rectangular Distribution Quiz

MCQ: In beta distribution, expected value of random variable x is calculated as

  1. E(x) = m ⁄ m - n
  2. E(x) = n ⁄ m + n
  3. E(x) = m ⁄ m + n
  4. E(x) = n ⁄ m * n


Cluster Sampling Quiz

MCQ: Method of sampling in which random sampling will not be possible because population is widely spread is classified as

  1. secondary stage sampling
  2. multistage sampling
  3. primary stage sampling
  4. sub stage sampling


Relative Frequency Quiz

MCQ: Type of probability approach in which event A is ratio explaining number of times event A is occurred in experiments is classified as

  1. counted probability distribution
  2. relative frequency approach
  3. irrelative frequency approach
  4. fixed probability distribution


Standard Errors in Statistics Quiz

MCQ: In sampling distribution, standard deviation must be equal to

  1. σ + square root of sample size
  2. σ * square root of sample size
  3. σ - square root of sample size
  4. σ ⁄ square root of sample size