Statistical Data Analysis Quiz Questions and Answers 41 PDF Download

Learn statistical data analysis quiz online, business statistics test 41 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free introduction to statistics quiz, statistical data analysis quiz questions and answers to learn statistics MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on statistical data analysis MCQs with answers, measuring dispersion, random variable classes, hyper geometric distribution, probability rules, statistical data analysis practice test for online mathematical statistics courses distance learning.

Free online statistical data analysis course worksheet has multiple choice question: branch of statistics which deals with development of particular statistical methods is classified as with options industry statistics , economic statistics , applied statistics and mathematical statistics for scholars' admission preparation in undergraduate degree programs and masters degree programs, study introduction to statistics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers to prepare entrance exam for online executive MBA admission.

Quiz on Statistical Data Analysis Worksheet 41 Quiz PDF Download

Statistical Data Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Branch of statistics which deals with development of particular statistical methods is classified as

  1. industry statistics
  2. economic statistics
  3. applied statistics
  4. mathematical statistics


Probability Rules Quiz

MCQ: Consider an event B, non-occurrence of event B is represented by

  1. union of A
  2. complement of A
  3. intersection of A
  4. A is equal to zero


Hyper Geometric Distribution Quiz

MCQ: If sample size is 6 and population is 50 from which it is drawn without replacement and elements for success are 22 then variance of hyper geometric probability distribution is

  1. 1.388
  2. 2.388
  3. 3.388
  4. 4.388


Random Variable Classes Quiz

MCQ: Types of probability distributions by taking their functions of considerations must include

  1. posterior probability distribution
  2. discrete probability distribution
  3. continuous probability distribution
  4. both b and c


Measuring Dispersion Quiz

MCQ: Technique which implies in statistical process to measure variation in data is called

  1. measures of dispersion
  2. measures of statistics
  3. measures of process
  4. none of above