Poisson Distribution MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Poisson distribution multiple choice questions (MCQs), poisson distribution test prep to learn online MBA programs courses. Learn probability distributions multiple choice questions (MCQs), poisson distribution quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on rectangular distribution, binomial distribution, standard normal probability distribution, discrete probability distributions aptitude test for online normal distribution courses distance learning.

Practice probability distributions aptitude test MCQs: in poisson probability distribution, if value of λ is integer then distribution will be, for free online business management courses with options bimodal, unimodal, positive modal, negative modal for business management degree online. Free skills assessment test is for online learning poisson distribution quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers to prepare entrance exam for admission in cheapest online MBA program.

MCQ on Poisson DistributionQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Distribution whose function is calculated by considering Bernoulli trials that are infinite In number is classified as

  1. negative Poisson distribution
  2. bimodal cumulative distribution
  3. common probability distribution
  4. negative binomial probability distribution


MCQ: In Poisson probability distribution, if value of λ is integer then distribution will be

  1. bimodal
  2. unimodal
  3. positive modal
  4. negative modal


MCQ: In a negative binomial distribution of probability, random variable is also classified as

  1. discrete random variable
  2. continuous waiting time random variable
  3. discrete waiting time random variable
  4. discrete negative binomial variable


MCQ: Discrete probability distribution in which outcome is very small with a very small period of time is classified as

  1. posterior distribution
  2. cumulative distribution
  3. normal distribution
  4. Poisson distribution


MCQ: If number of trials are 8 and probability of success are 0.65 then mean of negative probability distribution is

  1. 8.65
  2. 12.31
  3. 5.2
  4. 7.35