Data Classification, Tabulation and Presentation Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Data classification, tabulation and presentation MCQs, data classification, tabulation and presentation quiz with answers to learn MBA business statistics quiz 1 for business analytics online courses. Learn data tables and types multiple choice questions (MCQs), data classification, tabulation and presentation quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on data tables and types, data classification test prep for online data in statistics courses distance learning.

Practice data classification, tabulation and presentation career test with multiple choice question: diagrams such as cubes and cylinders are classified as, to learn business analyst degree with options two dimension diagram, one dimension diagrams, three dimensional diagrams, dispersion diagrams for online schools for business administration. Professional skills assessment test with online learning data tables and types quiz questions with statistics MCQs for formative assessment of students with e-learning portal.

MCQ on Data Classification, Tabulation & Presentation Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: If vertical lines are drawn at every point of straight line in frequency polygon then by this way frequency polygon is transformed into

  1. width diagram
  2. length diagram
  3. histogram
  4. dimensional bar charts


MCQ: Diagrams such as cubes and cylinders are classified as

  1. one dimension diagrams
  2. two dimension diagram
  3. three dimensional diagrams
  4. dispersion diagrams


MCQ: Discrete variables and continuous variables are two types of

  1. open end classification
  2. time series classification
  3. qualitative classification
  4. quantitative classification


MCQ: In stem and leaf display diagrams used in exploratory analysis, stems are considered as

  1. central digits
  2. trailing digits
  3. leading digits
  4. dispersed digits


MCQ: Classification method in which upper limit of interval is same as of lower limit class interval is called

  1. exclusive method
  2. inclusive method
  3. mid-point method
  4. ratio method