Harmonic Mean MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn harmonic mean MCQs, business statistics test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Measures of central tendency MCQs, harmonic mean multiple choice questions and answers, arithmetic mean, central tendency measures, percentiles, harmonic mean tutorials for online qualitative vs quantitative data courses distance learning.

Business statistics practice test MCQ: harmonic mean, arithmetic mean and geometric mean are all considered as with options mathematical averages , population averages , sample averages and extended measures for business management courses with online competitive exams questions and answers. Free study guide is for online learning harmonic mean quiz questions with MCQs to practice test questions with answers for masters degree's entrance exam preparation.

MCQs on Harmonic Mean Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Harmonic mean, arithmetic mean and geometric mean are all considered as

  1. mathematical averages
  2. population averages
  3. sample averages
  4. extended measures


MCQ: If arithmetic mean is 25 and harmonic mean is 15 then geometric mean is

  1. 17.36
  2. 16.36
  3. 15.36
  4. 19.36


MCQ: Manner in which geometric mean, harmonic mean and arithmetic mean are related is as

  1. A.M>G.M>H.M
  2. A.M>G.M<H.M
  3. A.M<G.M<H.M
  4. A.M<G.M>H.M


MCQ: For individual observations, reciprocal of arithmetic mean is called

  1. geometric mean
  2. harmonic mean
  3. deviation square mean
  4. paired mean


MCQ: If arithmetic mean is 20 and harmonic mean is 30 then geometric mean is

  1. 14.94
  2. 24.94
  3. 34.94
  4. 44.94