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Learn xylem MCQs, biology test for online courses learning and test prep to practice. Transport biology quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), xylem quiz questions and answers to learn for college degree programs online preparation.

College biology practice test MCQ on water which enters xylem cells, increase cell's with options hydrostatic pressure, hydraulic pressure, water pressure and plasmolysis rate problem solving skills for viva, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning xylem quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Xylem Video

MCQs on Xylem Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Water which enters xylem cells, increase cell's

  1. hydrostatic pressure
  2. hydraulic pressure
  3. water pressure
  4. plasmolysis rate


MCQ. Strength is given to cell wall of xylem cells by

  1. lignin
  2. cellulose
  3. cell membrane
  4. both A and B


MCQ. Xylem and phloem are called

  1. non vascular tissue
  2. vascular tissue
  3. smooth tissue
  4. supporting tissues


MCQ. Movement of water molecules along cell walls of xylem vessels is due to a force called

  1. root pressure
  2. guttation
  3. imbition
  4. bleeding


MCQ. Old xylem when not being used to transport deposite strange chemicals which take place in

  1. conifers
  2. ebony
  3. oak
  4. both A and B