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Stomata multiple choice questions, learn online college biology test prep for college degrees online courses. Learn what is homeostasis multiple choice questions (MCQs), stomata quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on human skeleton, mammals: thermoregulation, excretion in animals, homeostasis: thermoregulation, vertebral column aptitude test for online what is the meaning of biology courses distance learning.

Practice what is homeostasis aptitude test MCQs: movement of stomata are maintained by, for free online college courses with options water, oxyden, stoma, hormones for online colleges for bachelor's degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning stomata quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Stomata Video

MCQ on StomataQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: In brassica, rose and mango plants, stomata open and close according to availability of

  1. salts
  2. nutrients
  3. sunlight
  4. water


MCQ: Movement of stomata are maintained by

  1. water
  2. oxyden
  3. stoma
  4. hormones


MCQ: In Lily and Maize, stomata are present in

  1. upper epidermis
  2. lower epidermis
  3. anthroma
  4. central cortex


MCQ: Anthoceropsida possesses stomata and chloroplasts in epidermis which helps it in preparing their own food by

  1. mitosis
  2. photosynthesis
  3. meosis
  4. calvin cyle


MCQ: There are extensive stomata on upper surface of leaves in

  1. geophytes
  2. bryophytes
  3. hydrophytes
  4. xerophytes