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Sphenopsida multiple choice questions (MCQs), sphenopsida test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn kingdom plantae multiple choice questions (MCQs), sphenopsida quiz questions and answers. Career test on division bryophyta, sphenopsida, evolution of seed habit test for online human biology courses distance learning.

Learn kingdom plantae practice test MCQs: archegonium consists of a neck and a, for free online courses with options tail, venter, root, antenae for online college classes. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning sphenopsida quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Sphenopsida Video

MCQ on SphenopsidaQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Groups of sporangi are found on underside of reflexed lobes of margins of leaflets and protected by bent margin of leaflet is called

  1. sori
  2. sertoli
  3. tini
  4. petioli


MCQ: Archegonium consists of a neck and a

  1. tail
  2. venter
  3. root
  4. antenae


MCQ: Egg or oosphere is found bedded in cushion of thallus in

  1. pith
  2. tail
  3. head
  4. venter


MCQ: Plants body which are composed of large number of ridges and furrows along with a rough stem are

  1. sphenopsida
  2. hepaticopsids
  3. lycopsida
  4. bryopsida


MCQ: Leaf which bear sporangia is called as

  1. sori
  2. sporophyll
  3. sporing
  4. chlorophyll