Amphibians Quiz Questions and Answers 7 PDF Download

Amphibians quiz questions and answers, learn online college biology test prep 7 for distance learning online college courses. College and university courses MCQs on transport biology quiz, amphibians multiple choice questions to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn amphibians MCQs, career aptitude test on coordination in animals, mammals: thermoregulation, structure of cell, epithelium, amphibians practice test for online structural biology courses distance learning.

Practice amphibians career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): heart of an amphibian has three chambers i.e., for online college courses in biology degree with options 2 ventricles and 1 auricle, 2 auricles and 1 ventricle, 3 ventriles and no auricle, 3 auricles and no ventricle for online college bachelor degree programs. Learn transport biology questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test. Amphibians Video

Quiz on Amphibians Worksheet 7Quiz PDF Download

Amphibians Quiz

MCQ: Heart of an amphibian has three chambers i.e.

  1. 2 ventricles and 1 auricle
  2. 2 auricles and 1 ventricle
  3. 3 ventriles and no auricle
  4. 3 auricles and no ventricle


Epithelium Quiz

MCQ: In humans' ciliated epithelium, mucus membrane filter foreign particles to enter in

  1. oral cavity
  2. nasal cavity
  3. buccal cavity
  4. digestive tract


Structure of Cell Quiz

MCQ: Death or mental retardation takes place if accumulation happens in

  1. somatic cells
  2. brain cells
  3. meristemetic cells
  4. sensory cells


Mammals: Thermoregulation Quiz

MCQ: There is a thick layer of insulating fat in whales and seals which protects them from colder water, this layer is known as

  1. brown fat
  2. cuticle
  3. blubber
  4. integument


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: When an impulse reaches a synaptic knob, synaptic vesicles fuse with the

  1. pre-synaptic membrane
  2. post-synaptic membrane
  3. synaptic cleft
  4. neurotransmitters