Receptors Quiz Questions and Answers 47 PDF Download

Receptors quiz questions and answers, receptors online learning, college biology test prep 47 for distance learning online college courses. College and university courses MCQs on coordination and control quiz, receptors multiple choice questions to practice biology quiz with answers. Learn receptors MCQs, career aptitude test on animals: growth and development, vertebrae, coordination in animals, receptors practice test for online molecular biology courses distance learning.

Practice receptors career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): detection of vibration of ground by terrestrial vertebrates is because of receptors in, for online college courses in biology degree with options muscles, joints, bones, cartilage for online degree programs. Learn coordination and control questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test. Receptors Video

Quiz on Receptors Worksheet 47Quiz PDF Download

Receptors Quiz

MCQ: Detection of vibration of ground by terrestrial vertebrates is because of receptors in

  1. muscles
  2. Joints
  3. bones
  4. cartilage


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: Fibers from eyes terminate in

  1. touch area of the brain
  2. smell area of the brain
  3. Visual Cortex of Brain
  4. sound detection region of brain


Vertebrae Quiz

MCQ: Cervical vertebrae are 7 in number and lie in region of

  1. thoracic
  2. pelvic
  3. neck
  4. medulla


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: During breeding condition a male three-spined stickle back fish has a

  1. blue belly
  2. white belly
  3. yellow belly
  4. red belly


Animals: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: Phenomena that some cells evoke a specific developmental response in other cells is

  1. embryonic influence
  2. embryonic induction
  3. embryonic stimulation
  4. embryonic dominance