Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz Questions and Answers 383 PDF Download

Learn heterotrophic nutrition quiz online, college biology test 383 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free nutrition quiz, heterotrophic nutrition quiz questions and answers to learn biology MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on heterotrophic nutrition MCQs with answers, primordia, structure of cell, coordination in animals, animals reproduction, heterotrophic nutrition practice test for online plant molecular biology courses distance learning.

Free online heterotrophic nutrition course worksheet has multiple choice question: trapped insect in insectivorous plants are decomposed by with options virus, fungus, bacteria and all of the above for online e-learning for government jobs, highest paying jobs and teaching jobs preparation, study nutrition multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Heterotrophic Nutrition Video

Quiz on Heterotrophic Nutrition Worksheet 383 Quiz PDF Download

Heterotrophic Nutrition Quiz

MCQ: Trapped insect in insectivorous plants are decomposed by

  1. virus
  2. fungus
  3. bacteria
  4. All of the Above


Animals Reproduction Quiz

MCQ: Tissue culturing can only be done for

  1. plant tissues
  2. animal cells
  3. both animal and plant cells
  4. atoms and ions


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: Hydra is a small animal and it belongs to phylum

  1. porifera
  2. nematoda
  3. platyhelminthes
  4. cnidarian


Structure of Cell Quiz

MCQ: Process of isolating various components of cell is called

  1. cell division
  2. cell fractionation
  3. cell elimination
  4. cell separation


Primordia Quiz

MCQ: Root primordia develop from root cambium called

  1. epicycle
  2. pericycle
  3. pericarp
  4. mesoderm