Body Disorders Quiz Questions and Answers 361 PDF Book Download

Body disorders quiz questions, body disorders MCQs answers, college biology quiz 361 to learn biology courses online. Transport biology quiz questions and answers, body disorders multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice biology test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn body disorders MCQs, types of immunity, plants: growth and development, body disorders test prep for biology certifications.

Learn body disorders test with multiple choice question (MCQs): vein which collects blood from liver is known as, with choices renal vein, hepatic vein, hepatic portal vein, and iliac vein for best schools for biology undergrad. Learn transport biology questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test. Body Disorders Video

Quiz on Body Disorders Worksheet 361Quiz Book Download

Body Disorders Quiz

MCQ: Vein which collects blood from liver is known as

  1. renal vein
  2. hepatic vein
  3. hepatic portal vein
  4. iliac vein


Plants: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: Lateral meristems are present in

  1. dicots
  2. gymnosperms
  3. monocots
  4. both A and B


Types of Immunity Quiz

MCQ: When a person becomes ill due to infection and survives, this activity is called

  1. naturally induced immunity
  2. auto-immune response
  3. immuno-survival
  4. both A and B


Plants: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: Powerful growth zones found at apices of roots and stem are called

  1. lateral meristems
  2. apical meristems
  3. intercalary meristems
  4. virtual meristems


Homeostasis: Excretion Quiz

MCQ: Most toxic excretory product which quickly dissolves in body fluids is

  1. urea
  2. ammonia
  3. uric acid
  4. creatine