Animals: Growth and Development Quiz Questions and Answers 340 PDF Download

Learn animals growth and development quiz, online college biology test 340 for distance learning, online courses. Free biology MCQs questions and answers to learn animals: growth and development MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on animals: growth and development with answers, photosynthesis reactions, coordination in animals, human skeleton, heart disorders, animals: growth and development test for online immunology courses distance learning.

Free animals: growth and development online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: nucleus in acetabularia lies in the with choices stalk, cap, base and gills for online interview questions and answers for teaching assistant jobs, teacher jobs and tutoring jobs, study growth and development multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Animals: Growth and Development Video

Quiz on Animals: Growth and Development Worksheet 340 Quiz PDF Download

Animals: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ. Nucleus in acetabularia lies in the

  1. stalk
  2. cap
  3. base
  4. gills


Heart Disorders Quiz

MCQ. Any abnormality related to rhythm and conduction of heart can be diagnosed with help of

  1. ECG
  2. Pace maker
  3. IVFC
  4. Angiography


Human skeleton Quiz

MCQ. Cartilaginous joint which is found in a growing bone is called

  1. fibrous cartilage
  2. synovial cartilage
  3. hinge cartilage
  4. Hyaline cartilage


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ. Nicotine may induce

  1. vomiting
  2. constipation
  3. infections
  4. bloating


Photosynthesis Reactions Quiz

MCQ. End product of glycolsis is

  1. glucose
  2. pyruvic acid
  3. citric acid
  4. glycogen