Grade 11 Biology: Respiration Quiz Questions and Answers 239 PDF Download

Learn grade 11 biology respiration quiz online, college biology test 239 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free gaseous exchange quiz, grade 11 biology: respiration quiz questions and answers to learn biology MCQs with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on grade 11 biology: respiration MCQs with answers, evolution of seed habit, plants reproduction, coordination in animals, sporophyte, grade 11 biology: respiration practice test for online essential cell biology courses distance learning.

Free online grade 11 biology: respiration course worksheet has multiple choice question: efficient respiration is done in hydra by help of with options nematocysts, enteron, tentacles and dendrites for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board SAT prep, study gaseous exchange multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Grade 11 Biology: Respiration Video

Quiz on Grade 11 Biology: Respiration Worksheet 239 Quiz PDF Download

Grade 11 Biology: Respiration Quiz

MCQ: Efficient respiration is done in Hydra by help of

  1. nematocysts
  2. enteron
  3. tentacles
  4. dendrites


Sporophyte Quiz

MCQ: Fertilization in young sporophyte which is first attached to gametophyte later becomes

  1. mutated
  2. indepdent
  3. fertilized
  4. developed


Coordination in Animals Quiz

MCQ: Na+ and K+ pumps in cell membrane work due to

  1. splitting of H?O
  2. splitting of ATP
  3. splitting of glucose
  4. hydration of proteins


Plants Reproduction Quiz

MCQ: During day, a plant possess phytochrome of about

  1. p730
  2. p700
  3. p630
  4. p500


Evolution of Seed Habit Quiz

MCQ: Megaspore which develop into female gametophyte consists of cells that are only

  1. 2
  2. 7
  3. 11
  4. 3