Photosynthesis Reactions Quiz Questions and Answers 220 PDF Download

Learn photosynthesis reactions quiz online, college biology test 220 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free photosynthesis reactions MCQs questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on photosynthesis reactions test with answers, excretion: kidneys, carbohydrates, discovery of bacteria, digestion and absorption, photosynthesis reactions practice test for online community biology courses distance learning.

Free online photosynthesis reactions course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: during dark reactions, energy is stored in molecules of with options carbon, oxygen, sugar and hydrogen with online global exams' preparation for international tests like MCAT practice test for good MCAT scores, study bioenergetics multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Photosynthesis Reactions Video

Quiz on Photosynthesis Reactions Worksheet 220 Quiz PDF Download

Photosynthesis Reactions Quiz

MCQ: During dark reactions, energy is stored in molecules of

  1. carbon
  2. oxygen
  3. sugar
  4. hydrogen


Digestion & Absorption Quiz

MCQ: If bile pigments accumulate in blood, it can cause

  1. cancer
  2. hepatitis
  3. jaundice
  4. measles


Discovery of Bacteria Quiz

MCQ: Antoine Van Leeuwenhoek described microbes as bacteria and protozoa and called them as

  1. animalcules
  2. macromolecules
  3. micromolecules
  4. planolecules


Carbohydrates Quiz

MCQ: Most commonly found sugars are pentoses and

  1. hexoses
  2. tetroses
  3. triodes
  4. heptoses


Excretion: Kidneys Quiz

MCQ: Kidneys remove nitrogenous wastes and act as a

  1. excretory product
  2. osmoregulatory organ
  3. osmoconformers
  4. thermoregulatory organs