Grade 11 Biology: Digestion Quiz Questions and Answers 140 PDF Download

Learn grade 11 biology digestion quiz online, college biology test 140 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free grade 11 biology: digestion MCQs questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on grade 11 biology: digestion test with answers, plants reproduction, living world, excretion in vertebrates, structure of cell, grade 11 biology: digestion practice test for online biological theory courses distance learning.

Free online grade 11 biology: digestion course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: for egestion of waste materials, cockroach has with choices anus, gizzard, colon and crop for high schools, colleges, graduate and postgraduate students' e-learning for distance learning degrees online, study nutrition multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Grade 11 Biology: Digestion Video

Quiz on Grade 11 Biology: Digestion Worksheet 140 Quiz PDF Download

Grade 11 Biology: Digestion Quiz

MCQ: For egestion of waste materials, cockroach has

  1. anus
  2. gizzard
  3. colon
  4. crop


Structure of Cell Quiz

MCQ: A group of ribosome which are attached to mRNA by small ribosome unit is known as

  1. polyribosome
  2. polysome
  3. monosome
  4. oligosome


Excretion in Vertebrates Quiz

MCQ: Technique in which high concentration X-rays are directed towards stones from outside of body is

  1. Eletracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
  2. lithotripsy
  3. Dialysis
  4. Photolysis


Living World Quiz

MCQ: A continuous series of species which are arranged in ancestors to descendant sequence and each descendant has been evolved from ancestor is known as

  1. serial linkages
  2. phyletic linkages
  3. continuous linkages
  4. evolutionary linkages


Plants Reproduction Quiz

MCQ: Phytochrome p730 absorbs far red light at

  1. 730nm
  2. 720nm
  3. 700nm
  4. 660nm