Plant Hormone Quiz Questions and Answers 108 PDF Download

Learn plant hormone quiz online, college biology test 108 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free plant hormone MCQs questions and answers to learn biology quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on plant hormone test with answers, cytoplasm, mammals: thermoregulation, grade 11 biology: digestion, animals: growth and development, plant hormone practice test for online biological information courses distance learning.

Free online plant hormone course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: indole acetic acid (iaa) stands for with choices iodine acetic acid, initiator acetic acid, indole acetic acid and iron acetic acid for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board ACT prep, study coordination & control multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers. Plant Hormone Video

Quiz on Plant Hormone Worksheet 108 Quiz PDF Download

Plant Hormone Quiz

MCQ: Indole acetic acid (IAA) stands for

  1. Iodine acetic acid
  2. initiator acetic acid
  3. indole acetic acid
  4. iron acetic acid


Animals: Growth and Development Quiz

MCQ: Gray equatorial cytoplasm produces

  1. notochord
  2. neural tube
  3. gut
  4. both A and B


Grade 11 Biology: Digestion Quiz

MCQ: When digestion takes place inside cells its is termed as

  1. extracellular
  2. intracellular
  3. cellular
  4. unicellular


Mammals: Thermoregulation Quiz

MCQ: Upon foreign invasion, blood cells produce chemicals called

  1. pathogens
  2. pyrogens
  3. receptors
  4. effectors


Cytoplasm Quiz

MCQ: Exchange of materials takes place between nucleus and cytoplasm with help of

  1. nuclear pores
  2. nuclear membrane
  3. nucleus
  4. chromatin network