Proteins (Nutrient) MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Proteins (nutrient) multiple choice questions (MCQs), proteins (nutrient) test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn biological molecules and biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), proteins (nutrient) quiz questions and answers. Career test on nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids test for online biological factors courses distance learning.

Learn biological molecules and biology practice test MCQs: amino acids are composed of, for free online courses with options carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, carbon, oxygen and sulfur, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen, carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen for online college degrees. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning proteins (nutrient) quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Proteins (Nutrient) Video

MCQ on Proteins (Nutrient)Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: A protein which act as a carrier and transport oxygen and carbon dioxide in human body is known as

  1. hemoglobin
  2. immunoglobulin
  3. lipids
  4. antibody


MCQ: Amino acids are composed of

  1. carbon, nitrogen and oxygen
  2. carbon, oxygen and sulfur
  3. carbon, oxygen and hydrogen
  4. carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen


MCQ: C-N link in an amino acid is called a

  1. polar bond
  2. covalent bond
  3. ionic bond
  4. peptide bond


MCQ: A valuable and most important quality of proteins is to prevent blood loss after an injury by process of

  1. (coagulation)blood clotting
  2. cell division
  3. imputation
  4. glycolysis


MCQ: Proteins comprises off total dry weight in a cell which is over

  1. 60%
  2. 50%
  3. 70%
  4. 40%