Plant Hormone MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn plant hormone MCQs, college biology online test for distance education, online college courses prep. Practice coordination and control multiple choice questions (MCQs), plant hormone quiz questions and answers. ETS GRE test prep on hormones, biology: central nervous system, plant hormone tutorials for online biology lessons courses distance learning.

Study bachelors and masters in biology degree MCQs: weed killing is done by, for online college courses with choices 2,4 d, naa, iaa, ethane for scholars competing for college and universities' scholarships with college board SAT prep. Free skills assessment test is for online learn plant hormone quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Plant Hormone Video

MCQs on Plant HormoneQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Weed killing is done by

  1. 2,4 D
  2. NAA
  3. IAA
  4. Ethane


MCQ: Bud initiation in shoots in promoted by

  1. auxin
  2. gibberellins
  3. cytokinins
  4. ethane


MCQ: Bolting of some rosette plants is promoted by

  1. ethane
  2. gibberellins
  3. auxin
  4. Cytokinins


MCQ: Indole acetic acid (IAA) stands for

  1. Iodine acetic acid
  2. initiator acetic acid
  3. indole acetic acid
  4. iron acetic acid


MCQ: Sprouting of potatoes is inhibited by

  1. ethane
  2. 2,4 D
  3. NAA
  4. Cytokinins