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Pigments multiple choice questions (MCQs), pigments test prep to learn online college degrees courses. Learn cell biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), pigments quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on pigments, nucleus, structure of cell aptitude test for online biology lab courses distance learning.

Practice cell biology aptitude test MCQs: chloroplast contain a green pigment called, for free online college courses with options leaf, stem, chlorophyll, chromoplast for online college bachelor degree programs. Free skills assessment test is for online learning pigments quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Pigments Video

MCQ on PigmentsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Pigments containing bodies which are bounded by membrane are called

  1. plastids
  2. chlorophyll
  3. chloroplast
  4. hemoglobin


MCQ: Chloroplast contain a green pigment called

  1. leaf
  2. stem
  3. chlorophyll
  4. chromoplast


MCQ: Cyanobacteria use accessory pigments called

  1. glycogen
  2. phycobilins
  3. trichomes
  4. vibrio