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Nucleus MCQs, nucleus quiz answers to learn biology online courses. Learn cell biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), nucleus quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on cells biology, structure of cell, chromosome, nucleus test prep for online biological science subjects courses distance learning.

Practice cell biology test MCQs: in a normal human being number of chromosomes is, for online biology degree with choices 23, 46, 53, and 26 for online education degree. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online nucleus quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Nucleus Video

MCQ on NucleusQuiz Book Download

MCQ: In a normal human being number of chromosomes is

  1. 23
  2. 46
  3. 53
  4. 26


MCQ: Cells containing single nucleus are called as

  1. mononucleated
  2. dinucleated
  3. single nucleated
  4. multinucleated


MCQ: Nucleus contain a network of subdivisions called

  1. microfilaments
  2. microtubules
  3. chromatin fibers
  4. chromatin network


MCQ: Diploid chromosome number is found in normal body cell whereas haploid is found in

  1. germ cells
  2. brain cells
  3. meristemetic cells
  4. sensory cells


MCQ: A darkly stained body with in a nucleus without any prominent membranous boundary is

  1. nucleolus
  2. vacuole
  3. ribosomes
  4. mitochondria