Megasporangium MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Megasporangium multiple choice questions (MCQs), megasporangium test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn kingdom plantae multiple choice questions (MCQs), megasporangium quiz questions and answers. Career test on division bryophyta, sphenopsida, evolution of seed habit test for online biological chemistry courses distance learning.

Learn kingdom plantae practice test MCQs: distal end of megasporangium become specialized for capturing, for free online courses with options pollen, food, water, oxygen for online teaching degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning megasporangium quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Megasporangium Video

MCQ on MegasporangiumQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Integumented indehiscent megasporangium is a/an

  1. sperm
  2. ova
  3. ovule
  4. spores


MCQ: Distal end of megasporangium become specialized for capturing

  1. pollen
  2. food
  3. water
  4. oxygen


MCQ: Specialized covering around megasporangium are called

  1. integuments
  2. sperms
  3. ovum
  4. ovary