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Variety of life MCQs, variety of life quiz answers, college biology test 1 to learn biology courses online. Viruses multiple choice questions (MCQs), variety of life quiz questions and answers for admission and merit scholarships test. Practice viruses, lymphocytes career test for biology certifications.

Learn variety of life test with multiple choice question: viruses which infect bacteria are called, with choices bacteriophages, microphages, autophagy, and congo virus for best biology graduate programs. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning viruses quiz questions for biology major, competitive assessment tests. Viruses Video

MCQ on Variety of life Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Viruses which infect bacteria are called

  1. microphages
  2. bacteriophages
  3. autophagy
  4. Congo virus


MCQ: Subunits of capsid are called

  1. capsule
  2. capsomeres
  3. centromeres
  4. centrioles


MCQ: T-lymphocytes results in failure of immune system making individual vulnerable to all other

  1. diseases
  2. viruses
  3. bacteria
  4. fungus


MCQ: Virus depend on other plants and animals for its synthesis, that's why it is called as

  1. obligatory intracellular parasite
  2. obligatory extracellular parasite
  3. obligatory parasite
  4. intracellular parasite


MCQ: Number of capsids in a virus of common cold is

  1. 252
  2. 535
  3. 250
  4. 525