Gaseous Exchange Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Book Download

Gaseous exchange MCQs, gaseous exchange quiz answers to learn college biology quiz 1 for biology online courses. Learn aquatic and terrestrial animals: respiratory organs multiple choice questions (MCQs), gaseous exchange quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on aquatic and terrestrial animals: respiratory organs, grade 11 biology: respiration, epithelium, respiratory gas exchange test prep for online microbiology courses distance learning.

Practice gaseous exchange career test with multiple choice question: dome-shaped part under chest is called, to learn biology degree with options bronchi, lungs, diaphragm, alveoli for online education degree. Professional skills assessment test with online learning aquatic and terrestrial animals: respiratory organs quiz questions for biology major, competitive assessment tests. Aquatic and Terrestrial Animals: Respiratory Organs Video

MCQ on Gaseous Exchange Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Dome-shaped part under chest is called

  1. lungs
  2. bronchi
  3. diaphragm
  4. alveoli


MCQ: Respiration which takes place during day time is called

  1. aerobic
  2. respiration
  3. photorespiration
  4. anaerobic


MCQ: Tiny thin walled ducts which are present in lungs of birds are called

  1. alveoli
  2. bronchi
  3. parabronchi
  4. bronchioles


MCQ: In humans' ciliated epithelium, mucus membrane filter foreign particles to enter in

  1. oral cavity
  2. nasal cavity
  3. buccal cavity
  4. digestive tract


MCQ: Respiration at organism level is known as

  1. breathing
  2. ventilation
  3. Both A and B
  4. inhalation