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Fungus body multiple choice questions (MCQs), fungus body test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn fungi - recyclers kingdom multiple choice questions (MCQs), fungus body quiz questions and answers. Career test on classification of fungi, nutrition in fungi, importance of fungi test for online cell biology courses distance learning.

Learn fungi - recyclers kingdom practice test MCQs: hyphae which lack septa and contain long multinucleated large cell are called, for free online courses with options mycelium, coenocytic hyphae, enocytic hyphae, hyphae for online teaching degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning fungus body quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Fungus Body Video

MCQ on Fungus BodyQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: A single mycelium is capable of producing a new hyphae in only one day which is up to a

  1. kilometer
  2. meter
  3. micrometer
  4. decimeter


MCQ: Hyphae which lack septa and contain long multinucleated large cell are called

  1. mycelium
  2. coenocytic hyphae
  3. enocytic hyphae
  4. hyphae


MCQ: Transient diploid zygote is formed as a result of a reproduction called

  1. sexual
  2. asexual
  3. conjugation
  4. semisexual


MCQ: There are numerous thread like filaments which are long, branched and tubular called as

  1. hyphae
  2. myceluium
  3. tubes
  4. branches