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Disaccharide multiple choice questions (MCQs), disaccharide test prep for online learning with college degree certificate eCourses. Learn biological molecules and biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), disaccharide quiz questions and answers. Career test on nucleic acids, carbohydrates, lipids test for online what is biology courses distance learning.

Learn biological molecules and biology practice test MCQs: molecular formula of a disaccharide is, for free online courses with options c12h22o12, c11h22o12, c12h22o11, c6h12o6 for online college bachelor degree programs. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning disaccharide quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Disaccharide Video

MCQ on DisaccharideQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Most known disaccharide is sucrose which is a

  1. table sugar
  2. cane sugar
  3. glucose
  4. milk sugar

MCQ: Molecular formula of a disaccharide is

  1. C12H22O12
  2. C11H22O12
  3. C12H22O11
  4. C6H12O6