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Classification kingdom plantae MCQs, classification kingdom plantae quiz with answers for online learning biology courses. Learn kingdom plantae multiple choice questions (MCQs), classification kingdom plantae quiz questions and answers. Career test on division bryophyta, sphenopsida, evolution of seed habit, classification kingdom plantae test prep for online developmental biology courses distance learning.

Learn kingdom plantae practice test MCQs: liver worts belong to subdivision of bryophytes called as, to learn biology degree with options hepaticopsida, anthoceropsida, bryopsida, ectosida for online education degree. Free skills assessment test for online learning classification kingdom plantae quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Classification Kingdom Plantae Video

MCQ on Classification Kingdom PlantaeQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Liver worts belong to subdivision of bryophytes called as

  1. hepaticopsida
  2. anthoceropsida
  3. bryopsida
  4. ectosida


MCQ: By atternation of generations, spore of a moss develops itself into an alga like structure known as

  1. psilopsida
  2. protonema
  3. marchantia
  4. bryopsida


MCQ: Plant body is attached to soil by help of rhizords in species of Bryophytes known as

  1. protonema
  2. psilopsida
  3. gametophyte
  4. Marchantia


MCQ: Gametophyte doesn't undergo reshuffling of genes because gamates are produced by

  1. division
  2. mitosis
  3. meosis
  4. conjugation


MCQ: Internal structure of stem lacks

  1. xylem
  2. phloem
  3. pith
  4. cortex