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Cell membrane MCQs, cell membrane quiz answers to learn online college biology courses. Learn cell biology multiple choice questions (MCQs), cell membrane quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on cells biology, structure of cell, chromosome, cell membrane test prep for biology certifications.

Practice cell biology test MCQs: substances are allowed to pass through cell membrane to maintain a constant, with choices concentration, gradient, temperature, and ph for online biology degrees. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning cell membrane quiz questions for competitive assessment in biology major. Cell Membrane Video

MCQ on Cell MembraneQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Substances are allowed to pass through cell membrane to maintain a constant

  1. concentration
  2. gradient
  3. temperature
  4. ph


MCQ: Fluid Mosaic Model favors that cell membrane contains proteins which are embedded in fashion of

  1. zigzag
  2. criss-cross
  3. mosaic
  4. eplic


MCQ: Cell membrane of a bacteria invaginates in to cytoplasm and form a structure called

  1. mesosomes
  2. ribosomes
  3. spores
  4. plasmids


MCQ: Cell membrane is chemically composed of 40-60 % of

  1. fats
  2. lipids
  3. sugar
  4. cytosol


MCQ: Just beneath cell membrane there are extremely thin hair like appendages called as

  1. flame cell
  2. pili
  3. villi
  4. flagella