Capillaries MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

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College biology practice test MCQ: dense network which are repeated divisions of arterioles are with choices veins, capillaries, arteries and venules with online basic interview questions and answer keys for highest paying jobs in science. Free study guide is for online learning capillaries quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. Capillaries Video

MCQs on Capillaries Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Dense network which are repeated divisions of arterioles are

  1. veins
  2. capillaries
  3. arteries
  4. venules


MCQ: When capillaries join together, they form

  1. veins
  2. venules
  3. arterioles
  4. arteries


MCQ: Capillaries bear no

  1. pulse
  2. valve
  3. elastic fibers
  4. All of Above


MCQ: No blood cells ever leak from capillaries through intercellular spaces except some of the

  1. RBC
  2. WBC
  3. platelets
  4. nutrients


MCQ: Amount of blood flow in capillaries is regulated by help of pre capillary

  1. valves
  2. apertures
  3. sphincters
  4. semi lunar valves