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Learn what is a product MCQs, marketing principles test for learning online courses and test prep to practice. Products, services and brands quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), what is a product quiz questions and answers, what is a product tutorials for online marketing undergraduate degree courses distance learning.

Principles of marketing practice test MCQ: products that are bought without detailed comparisons are best classified as with choices sought products, unsought products, less convenient products and convenient products for online management degree preparation with distance learning eCourses. Free study guide is for online learning what is a product quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on What is a Product Quiz PDF Download

MCQ. Products that are bought without detailed comparisons are best classified as

  1. sought products
  2. unsought products
  3. less convenient products
  4. convenient products


MCQ. Products that consists of activities and benefits offered for sale are called

  1. product membership in category
  2. services
  3. market segmentation
  4. pricing of product


MCQ. Paints, nails and brooms are classic examples of

  1. unsought specialty products
  2. business services
  3. accessory equipment
  4. business advisory services


MCQ. Supplies such as lubricants, coal, paper and pencils are best classified as

  1. operating supplies
  2. repair and maintenance supplies
  3. business advisory services
  4. consumer specialty products


MCQ. Product quality level is considered as part of

  1. actual product
  2. augmented product
  3. de-augmented product
  4. customer value